CU/ALM-ware System

The CU/ALM-ware System is a comprehensive, instrument-level Asset-Liability Management System used by the hundreds of Credit Unions nationwide to monitor and control interest rate risk under various scenarios and to simulate balance sheet  strategies prior to implementation.  The CU/ALM-ware System has been tested and certified by CPAs.  The CU/BUDGET-ware System is integrated with CU/ALM-ware but it is sold separately since some people may only need an ALM System or a Budgeting package but not necessarily both.

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Instrument-Level Import Capability

  • Individual Loans, Shares & Member Certificates
  • Numerous Bond Accounting Providers
  • CUSO Commercial Loan and Mortgage Loan Servicers

Shock Testing

  • User-Defined Immediate or Ramped Shock Tests
  • Automated Parallel & Non-Parallel Yield Curve Shifts
  • Eight different Income Simulation & NEV Shock Tests in each analysis

Income Simulation Reports

  • 3-Year or 5-Year Income Simulation (with or without shock test)
  • ALM Executive Summary
  • ALM Assumptions Report
  • 3-Year Simulated Key Ratios
  • Average Life/Prepayment/Yield Report
  • Schedule A (Diagnostic Report)
  • Shocked Monthly NII Report
  • No Shocked Monthly NII Report

Net Economic Value Reports

  • ALM Executive Summary
  • NCUA NEV Supervisory Test Results
  • Current Market Value Report
  • Shocked Market Value Report

Non-Maturity Share (NMS) Reports

  • Non-Maturity Share Premium Report
  • Current Market Value Report
  • Shocked Market Value Report
  • Decay Rate Database
  • NMS Valuation Assumptions

Liquidity & Contingency Funding Reports

  • Contingency Funding Stress Tests (No Shock & Shocked)
  • Fixed-Rate Maturity/Call Distribution of Investments
  • Shocked Fixed-Rate Maturity/Call Distribution Investments
  • Maturity/Call Distribution of Borrowed Funds
  • Shocked Maturity/Call Distribution of Borrowed Funds
  • Member Certificate Maturity Distributions
  • Current & Shocked Liquidity Reports

Other Reports

  • ALM Terminology & Definitions
  • Financial Statement with Concentrations
  • Detailed Investment Listing
  • Member Business Loan Portfolios
  • Detailed Borrowed Funds Listing

Key Ratios Reports

  • Historical Key Ratios Report
  • Color Graphs of trends over time
  • Peer Group Comparison

Model Policies

  • Concentration Risk Policy
  • Concentration Risk Reporting Document
  • Contingency Funding Plan (CFP)
  • Basic ALM/IRR Policy
  • Advanced ALM/IRR Policy
  • Investment Policy (Two models from which to choose)
  • Liquidity Policy
  • Liquidity Guidelines Reporting Document

Extensive What-If Capabilities

Sample ALM Reports & Pricing

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CU/ALM-ware Consulting/Maintenance Option

We provide consulting and support to CUs from $10 million to $9 billion in assets.  As part of this consulting we assist clients in developing, testing, and implementing various risk-reducing, income enhancing strategies.

Upcoming Training

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  • Basic ALM Online Training Class
    1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  • FOMC Meeting
    03/19/2024 - 03/20/2024
    All Day
  • Advanced ALM Online Training Class
    1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  • ALM Outsourcing Online Training Class
    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • FOMC Meeting
    04/30/2024 - 05/01/2024
    All Day
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