ALM Software & Consulting Services

CU/ALM-ware is a comprehensive, instrument-level ALM System.  It produces detailed interest income and net economic value (NEV) results so that balance sheet strategies may be analyzed under various interest rate scenarios.  The CU/ALM-ware System has been tested and certified by CPAs.  In addition, we provide ALM consulting, education and support to financial institutions ranging from $10 million to over $14.5 billion in assets.  As part of this consulting, we assist clients in developing, testing, and implementing strategies related to interest rate risk management, income enhancement, and liquidity management.

The following services are included with the ALM Consulting/Maintenance Option:

  • Assistance with the use of CU/ALM-ware
  • Concentration Risk Policy & Appendix A
  • Basic ALM/IRR Policy
  • Advanced ALM/IRR Policy
  • Investment Policy
  • Liquidity Policy
  • Contingency Funding Plan
  • New Versions of CU/ALM-ware System
  • Periodic Target Rate Structure & Economic Commentary
  • ALM research papers
  • Key economic graphs
  • Sample ALCO Minutes & Agenda
  • Assistance interpreting interest rate risk
  • Assistance with ALM regulatory issues
  • Assistance with what-ifs & sensitivity analyses
  • Assistance with non-maturity share study
  • Backtesting & help in interpreting results
  • Monthly investment market rates
  • Direct vs Indirect Auto Loan Analysis
  • CECL whitepapers, tools & solutions
  • Credit Card Profitability
  • Quarterly peer group ratios
  • Mortgage Loan Origination Graph
  • Assistance with behavioral ALM assumptions
  • Historical interest rate changes
  • Assistance with Ramp vs Immediate Shock tests
  • Deposit pricing strategies
  • Technical Software Support
  • Access to Secured Client Portal of

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