Suite of Model Policies & Research Papers

Our firm has been providing model policies to our ALM clients since 1990.  Updates to our model policies are included in our on-going ALM Consulting relationships.  Non-clients can purchase our Suite of Policies.  A list of the model policies that are available to our clients is shown below along with research papers and additional information.

Model Policies

  • Concentration Risk Policy (CRP) & Reporting Document (FICUs required to have a CRP)
  • Advanced ALM/IRR Policy
  • Basic ALM/IRR Policy
  • Model Investment Policies I or II
  • Liquidity Policy & Liquidity Guidelines Reporting Document
  • Contingency Funding Plan (CFP) (FICUs over $50M are required to have a CFP.  CUs under $50M in assets should consider it a best practice.)

Research Papers

  • “Estimating Lifetime Credit Card & HELOC Loss Rates Under CECL”
  • “Navigating CECL”
  • “Asset-Liability Management and the Validation Process”
  • “Interest Rate Risk & Auto Loan Portfolios”
  • “Asset-Liability Management: Theory, Practice, Implementation & the Role of Judgment”
  • “Repricing and Validating Non-Maturity Deposit Rate Sensitivity Factors (RSFs)”
  • “Asset-Liability Management and the Income Simulation Horizon”
  • “Comments on Evaluating the Effectiveness of Branches”

Additional Information

  • Indirect Yield Effects on Auto Loans
  • Direct vs Indirect Auto Loan Profitability
  • Credit Card Profitability Analysis

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