ALM Outsourcing & Consulting Services

For managers who are short-staffed or whose financial institution is going through a transitional period, an ALM Outsourcing Relationship with us will leave you the time to focus on other priorities, managerial activities, and serving your members. This Outsourcing Relationship allows management and the ALCO to take advantage of our expertise without purchasing an ALM software license or running ALM software.  The CU/ALM-ware System has been tested and certified by CPAs.

ALM Reports

  • ALM Executive Summary
  • NCUA’s NEV Supervisory Test results & Risk Thresholds
  • ALM Assumptions Report
  • Non-Maturity Share (NMS) Premium Report
  • ALM Terminology & Definitions Report
  • Contingency Funding Stress Tests Report
  • Baseline Contingency Funding Test Report
  • Financial Statement
  • No Shock Investments by Maturity/Call Distribution
  • Shocked Investments by Maturity/Call Distribution
  • Member Certificates Maturity Distribution
  • Borrowed Funds by Maturity/Call Report (if applicable)
  • Current Market Value (NEV) Report
  • Shocked Market Value (NEV) Report
  • 5-Year Income Simulation Report
  • Average Life/Prepayment/Yield Report
  • Schedule A Diagnostic Report
  • Liquidity Report
  • Historical Non-Maturity Share Decay Rates (if data is provided)

Key Ratios

  • Historical Key Ratios Report
  • Peer Group Ratios
  • 2-years of history
  • Historical Key Ratio Graphs

Optional Education Opportunities

  • ALM & Budgeting Online Training for a separate fee

ALM Outsourcing Services Include

  • Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual ALM & Historical Key Ratios Reports & Graphs
  • Concentration Risk Policy (CRP) & updates (All FICUs are required to have a CRP)
  • Basic ALM/IRR Policy & updates
  • Advanced ALM/IRR Policy & updates
  • Investment Policy & updates
  • Liquidity Policy, updates & Liquidity Guidelines Reporting Document
  • Contingency Funding Plan & updates (FICUs over $50M are required to have a CFP)
  • CECL whitepapers, tools & solutions
  • Target Rate Structure with Economic Commentary
  • ALM Backtesting exercises
  • ALM Papers & Memos
  • Key Economic Graphs
  • Sample ALCO Minutes & Agenda
  • Assistance interpreting Interest Rate Risk
  • Assistance with ALM Regulatory issues
  • Credit Card Profitability
  • Auto Loan Yield
  • Assistance with an NMS Study
  • Quarterly Peer Group Ratios
  • ALCO Discussion Checklist & Record
  • Mortgage Loan Origination Graph
  • Mortgage Loan Prepayment Information
  • Assistance with modeling behavioral assumptions
  • Historical Interest Rate Changes
  • Assistance with Ramp Tests vs Immediate Shocks
  • Deposit pricing strategies
  • Access to Secured Client portal of

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