“We are deluged with economic data every day. What is often missing is the “so what?” The Brick & Associates conferences provide us with this very important missing piece. An equally valuable benefit for us from attending this annual conference is it prepares our volunteers to ask better questions. The level of discussion, and debate, at our ALCO meetings has been significantly elevated because of these conferences. If budgetary constraints require you to cut back on conference attendance, I would suggest that this is one you keep on the “must go to” list.”

John Young
President/CEO of New Hampshire FCU, NH

“I just wanted to extend my thanks for a great Board/ALCO Training Session. The Board commented on how well the information was presented and how easy it was to understand and follow along. I can tell you that the Board was completely engaged for the entire two hours! Your analysis was so timely given the ALM challenges we are facing. You’ve provided a fresh prospective and I fully believe it will make my job so much easier as we continue these discussions.”

Dana Taglianetti
VP/Controller of Rhode Island CUin Providence, RI

“To me, the Brick & Associates, Inc. Strategic Conference provides credit unions with the “most bang for their conference buck.” While the conference always features topics which are current, detailed, and extremely relevant to credit unions, perhaps the best feature of this conference is the unique perspective and depth of knowledge of its speakers. Each year that I’ve attended this conference, not only has it paid for itself many times over, but I always leave with a fresh set of ideas to help improve my credit union. I would highly recommend this conference to any credit union professional.”

Jason Metallo
CFO of Southern Lakes CU in Kenosha, WI

“I heard many comments from other credit unions that this year’s conference carried messages that directly addressed what they were experiencing in this shrinking margin and pressured liquidity environment. Our experience is no different. I came home with fresh ideas to attack the problem instead of crouching in a corner and waiting for it to blow over. The Brick Conference always delivers a shot-in-the-arm that gives me my yearly booster that I always seem to need. Tough times require tough decisions and if we’re not all on the same page strategically, then unnecessary board and management friction could eat away at the organization.”

Brian Barkdull
CEO of American Southwest CU in Sierra Vista, AZ